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Our eX-Messenger unit is a dedicated PLC control system which provides communication via a GSM interface.

It is able to provide email and SMS messaging updates or notifications and can be remotely accessed via the GSM signal whatever your location.

As well as notifications the unit is also able to provide monitoring as well as SMS reporting.

This facility provides our clients with the opportunity to monitor and control the system through a mobile device and enables advantages such as:

  • Quick alarming on threats or failures
  • Preventing failures before they happen
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Immediate messaging on important changes or alarms.

These advantages also have the bonus of offering a cost saving both direct to the customer and with ongoing maintenance in mind.

It can help:

  • Reduce the number of failures
  • Reduce the number of emergency callout attendance
  • Help to offer quick and effective diagnostics.

The system is also able to be customised to individual requirements depending on the system reporting or monitoring needs.


24 hours per day
365 days per year
99% first time fix rate