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Kitchen Ventilation Solutions

PolluEx Filter Units

Our PolluEx Unit is a modular design solution for use within commercial kitchen ventilation systems.

It is designed to control and reduce the airborne particulate within the extract airstream at the point of discharge.

The unit can incorporate a variety of combinations to tackle the type of particulate produced at each site.

These sections can include a combination of:

Pre filters (to remove large particulate)
Bag Filters (to remove smaller particulate)
HEPA Filters (to remove smoke particulate)
UV chamber (to remove grease and odours)
Carbon Filters (to remove any excess ozone)

The PolluEx Unit can also incorporate a fan module if required.

Every filter unit is equipped with controls and integrated pressure transducers to monitor the stages of filtration and provide an indication of clean or dirty status and any requirement for replacement for the filters.

The unit is designed for ease of access and replacement of the filters as well as cleaning of the internal surfaces.

Replacement frequency for the filters can vary depending on the style of cooking and use of the equipment.

Correct set up of the system along with the use of the filter monitoring system will help identify the correct point of replacement.

Each unit can also be fitted with our GSM Interface eX-messenger to provide email and SMS reporting on the system status.


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