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Kitchen Ventilation Solutions

Service Distribution Units (SDUs)

Our service distribution units (SDUs) are purpose made stainless steel enclosures designed to house the mechanical and electrical services between the point at which they enter the kitchen and the cooking appliance.

They can be supplied complete with mechanical and electrical services, or supplied as a 'carcass' for fit out by others.

The SDU riser extends from the finished floor level to the canopy. Lifting the pipework and wiring from the floor level, allowing the services to be carried from within the suspended ceiling void to low level without being seen.

Risers typically house an electrical distribution board, with gas and water services housed in a dedicated riser or within a separate compartment within a single riser.

Each riser is sized to suit the services being used in a kitchen and to ensure both compatibility and integration with the canopy being installed above.

A horizontal raceway or spine, which runs between columns, carries the services to the individual catering appliances as required.

The raceway is divided into two separate chambers with the upper being used for electrical services and the lower for mechanical services.

The upper section features a removable top to aid with the installation of services and recessed socket mounting along either side.

The lower section has removable side panels for ease of pipework installation.

The use of these units make for an easy to clean solution and hygienic environment.


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