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Kitchen Ventilation Solutions

UV and Ozone Technology

Ultra Violet (UVc) is used to destroy the grease and odours produced during cooking, using the intense high output light and ozone produced from the low pressure mercury UV lamp.

The intense light breaks down the organic materials using a combination of photolysis and ozonolysis. The number of lamps are sized to provide the correct level of chemical reaction required for the style and type of cooking.

The Exoair UltraStream UVc system uses a three stage filtration process which includes:

Primary stage filtration - Provided by specially designed baffle grease eliminator cells

Secondary stage filtration - Stainless steel mesh filter panels to provide further grease particle removal and increase the efficiency of the UVc system.

Third stage filtration - Ultraviolet and Ozone remove grease and odour, using powerful UVc light to breakdown the grease and eliminate odour.

Mounted in a specially designed housing, within the canopy filter plenum, the UltraStream UVc system forms an integral part of the main canopy installation.

The system contains monitoring and safety interlocks to ensure the UVc lamps only operate when the extract is running and to prevent operation in the event of unauthorised opening of the lamp housing.

Our UltraStream UVc system is a self contained UVc filtration and odour removal system and is designed to be integrated into all types of canopy in our range, including models that incorporate the integral supply air system. The UltraStream UVc system can also be utilised within a duct mounted housing or and extract air handling unit to provide grease and odour removal where it is not possible to be installed within the canopy, or as a retrofit solution.



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