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Kitchen Ventilation Solutions

Ventilated Ceilings

We provide high quality, bespoke ventilated ceiling systems, designed specifically to suit your kitchen appliance usage.

Our ventilated ceiling systems are designed for your own specific kitchen needs.

The grease filter plenums and supply air diffusers are each positioned according to your catering appliance layout and ergonomics.

The system is flexible as filters can be easily repositioned to suit relocated appliances due to upgrades or kitchen expansion.

Our ceiling is manufactured entirely from stainless steel sheet to ensure good hygiene and fire safety.

Each ceiling panel is designed to neatly interlock with the adjacent panel forming a clean, smooth and attractive finish.

In each section, both extract and supply panels are provided with independent designated plenum system. This means that no part of the building fabric is used as a plenum.

This seals the system against ingress of vermin, and captures the grease which reduces the risk of fire, improves hygiene and allows greater control of the airflow throughout the kitchen.



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