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Ecolex Odour Control Systems

Ecolex Odour control system is a unit consisting of a small compressor and a spray nozzle (or a series of spray nozzles) located in the extract duct after the filtration process.

These systems are normally fitted in addition to secondary filtration as the final stage of a system designed to minimise the discharge of odour.

The ideal method of reducing cooking odours is to destroy or remove as much of the contaminant particles from within the extract airflow as possible, prior to treating it with a deodorising agent.

Ecolex operates by drawing a chemical agent from a reservoir or container by using an air compressor. The chemical agent is mixed with clean air at an atomising nozzle located in the extract duct and the vapour is sprayed into the extract air flow. The chemical vapour then combines with the contaminants within the extract duct.

The Ecolex chemical is provided in two forms, scented and unscented.

The scented is designed for use on extract only systems to eliminate or mask the cooking odour, with the aim of reducing the perceived nuisance and concentration of cooking odour detected at the point of discharge to atmosphere.

The unscented version is suitable for a system with energy recovery which recirculates a percentage of the extract air, helping to alleviate the issue of odour in the recirculated air.

The product has the advantage of being relatively low cost to install and maintain compared with the cost of installing and maintaining a fine particulate filtration system or UV system and does not add resistance to airflow.

The system requires regular maintenance to balance the correct amount of chemical from the system with the extract air and odour being treated, as too much chemical can cause a nuisance smell of its own whilst too little will not mask or eliminate the odour.

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