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Fan maintenance is an important but often neglected part of a maintenance programme. As this is a critical part of your system, each van is stocked with a large range of fan drive belts (over 140 various types and sizes) and fan spares. A large range of fan drive bearings, motors and inverters between 0.25kW and 17.5kw both single and three phase, are held in stock in our warehouse which is accessible 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year, so if your fan fails for whatever reason we are able to get you operational within hours to minimise the impact on your business.

We provide a service and maintenance programme that will provide you with the certainty that the equipment is being maintained to a standard that exceeds the manufacturers requirements. We will carry out regular inspections of the complete drive train and ensure the drives are aligned and tensioned correctly using a Laser Alignment tool, take thermal images and vibration measurements to build up a picture of the health of the Fan Drive Unit and pre-empt any potential failure.

Below are the most common issues with fan belt and shaft alignment. Misaligned belts not only reduce the life and reliability of the operating belts but also the efficiency of the system.



Correct and incorrect alignment of motor and fan pulleys

Pulleys on the fan and the motor must be properly aligned. If they are out of alignment the fan belt will rapidly wear and need premature replacement. It also is likely that misaligned pulleys will cause inefficient transfer of power from the motor to the fan.

How can you identify a worn fan belt?

One simple way to identify if a belt is worn is to look at the top of the belt. It should ride slightly above the top of the fan pulley. A worn fan drive belt will drop down into the pulley so that the top of the belt cannot be seen in the pulley. A new belt which drops low in the pulley can also be an indication of worn pulleys.

Remember if the belt is dropping into the pulley, you are using the same energy to move less air, as the effective speed of the fan is reduced.

Please contact us for more information on our extract and supply fan maintenance programmes.


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