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UV and Ozone Technology

The use of Ultra Violet (UV) technology restricts the grease deposits within the canopy and extract ductwork and reduces the levels of odours experienced at the point of discharge.

By utilising the properties of UV technology the system produces two forms of reaction simultaneously. The combined process is a cold combustion process which utilises the direct effect of the UV-C radiation (light) known as Photolysis.

Photolysis works by photo de-composition which is the chemical breakdown of the grease molecules by photons.

The use of high intensity UV ozone producing lamps provides a secondary simultaneous action to Photolysis known as Ozonolysis.

This is the oxidation of grease molecules by Ozone (O3) which is generated by the lamps corona. Ozone is an oxidising gas that is carried with the airflow away from the lamps through the system to point of discharge. The oxidation due to the Ozonolysis action therefore, is present in the ductwork as well as the UV chamber.

It is imperative that these systems are only serviced and maintained by properly and fully trained maintenance engineers due to the complexity and health and safety risks associated with poorly or incorrectly maintained systems.

All these systems utilise high power Ultra Violet Light and should not be looked at directly.

Please contact us for further information on the service and maintenance of these systems.


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