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Kitchen Ventilation Solutions

Water Wash and Mist Canopies

A water wash and mist canopy incorporates a cold water mist cycle that operates continuously throughout the cooking service period and a wash cycle that clears the grease and particulate to drain via a trough.

The water mist cycle works by dropping the temperature of the plume and coalescing the grease from the air into the water trough.

By passing cooking fumes through a wall of cold-water mist, a higher grease removal efficiency can be achieved.

The mixture of water and grease makes the removal of grease and particulate easier. The hot plume passing through the mist is cooled, causing the grease particles to coalesce and increase in size. This causes them to drop out of the air stream more easily when passing through the air turns of labyrinth filtration.

During the water wash cycle the system automatically washes down the water trough and the internal labyrinth blades or grease filters without the need for removal of the filters from the canopy at the end of the cooking period.

This automatically cleans the canopy internal faces to reduce the build-up of grease and particulate and to also maintain the canopy efficiency between maintenance intervals.

The washing cycle is fully automatic and programmable for use under different operating conditions. For heavy duty applications it can be programmed to operate more than once a day.

The wash cycle is normally activated each time the extract system shuts down. Hot water and detergent is premixed and sprayed into the canopy via a selection of nozzles for a pre-programmed cycle time from the control system which meters the dosage of the detergent required to clean the system.

This maintains a high level of hygiene and helps to protect the installation against grease deposits which if allowed to build up could constitute a fire risk.

The use of the correct detergent and regular maintenance is essential to keep the system operating efficiently and without any interruptions to the operation of the equipment.

Please contact us for further information on the maintenance options available for these systems.


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