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Fire Suppression Systems

Amerex and Ansul fire suppression systems are specifically designed for restaurants and commercial kitchen environments, they are a wet chemical dispersal systems of similar design but with notable differences in their approach to the fire detection method. Both systems are ‘pre-engineered’ to provide, when installed and maintained, fire protection as approved by LPCB and Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Amerex and Ansul systems include fire and heat detectors with the plenum for automatic detection and activation of the fire suppression system. Both can be connected to an alarm system and have manual activation stations.

Both systems are available with fusible link detection for automatic operation. Although both are wet chemical each are slightly different, in makeup and are not interchangeable

The Ansul R-102 extinguishing agent is a mixture of organic salts designed for rapid flame knockdown and foam securement of grease related fires.

The Amerex system agent is the Amerex KP liquid fire suppressant, a potassium acetate based solution that suppresses cooking grease fires through both saponification and cooling and does not harm stainless steel surfaces.

The Amerex system also has a pneumatic linear detection device instead of the traditional fusible links, this greatly improves the detection process and reduces the maintenance costs by not requiring replacement fusible links every six months.

You can download a PDF Brochure for Ansul and Amerex below.

Both systems require regular 6-monthly maintenance visits carried out by trained engineers to ensure the system is able to correctly operate when required.

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